Montreal World Film Festival

Montreal World Film Festival
1432 rue de Bleury
Montreal, H3A 2J1
festival director: 
Ubavka Ferzanovic


It's not TIFF, but it could just as easily be great.

This review: 
Having lived in Montreal for 17 years, I never understood why MWFF wasn't big like TIFF. Montreal is an awesome city with more international flair than Toronto. To be sure. I guess it takes a lot of money to bring in the films and the stars, like TIFF. That said, I praise MWFF for screening just about anything. It is a haven for independent filmmakers to show their babies "to the world". I love film festivals, in general, and I enjoy attending them, given the opportunity. So... I say, if you are in Montreal, during MWFF's season, GO! Give your support. Plus, you'll get to rub shoulders with a culture who are passionate about everything. Bon film!