Columbia Gorge International Film Festival

PO BOX 2247
Venice, CA 90294
United States
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Breven Angaelica Warren


Columbia Gorge International Film Festival now in Bear Lake, CA

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Philip 2/13/2017
We attended the 2015 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival held in Camas, and Vancouver, Washington. One of the events was held in a classroom at the Camas High School, with only 5 people attending the screening. One of those attendees was a member of the CGIFF staff. Another had come from Russia to see her film - highly disappointing for that woman! Another screening was held at the library at 5pm. Lots of books in attendance. Few people. Filmmakers were expected to notify local press themselves. Good swag, however. Enthusiastic staff. The title is confusing, because as of 2016/17, it is now being held in Big Bear, CA. If you like to camp; you might think it's fun. But as a tool for promoting your work, it's a no go.