by root

We are happy to announce more camera gear give aways at Film Fest Finder. Write a couple of reviews and you are eligible to win this Fluid Head. 

It's important when traveling by air for location photographers and/or filmmakers to keep their gear luggage weight below 50lbs to avoid extra fees. I realized long ago that it's cheaper for me to ship three light stands from China to a given location rather than take my heavier ones on the flight. The same goes for other gear, like fluid heads. The pictured fluid head, the Weifeng 717AH is a darn good head for its economical price. These fluid heads appear to be sold under various brand names, Weifeng 717AH and Fancier E1-717A.With a little research they can be adapted to fit an Arca-Swiss quick release system, which is the best system for today's new mirrorless cameras.

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