Film Festival Life Expands Its Presence on FFF

by admin

We are happy to announce that FilmFestivalLife (FFL) has recently expanded its list of festivals on Film Fest Finder. Here is further information from Project Manager Simona Patrizi about FFL's platform, which varies a bit from others found on FFF's site.

"On FFL you can securely and easily submit your films to hundreds of festivals worldwide, some of which are actually working exclusively with FFL as DocLisboa or FilmFest Dresden and are very good in the European festival circuit. One of the peculiarities of the platform is that FFL lists a very comprehensive and extensive festival directory, allowing you to manage your own lists on site and organize your film festival career. FimFestivalLife is also a very safe platform compliant to the Submissions' Code of Ethics. FFL reviews festivals to protect filmmakers from suspicious and not legitimate film festivals so you are not spending money on submissions that don’t result in your film being seen. FFL Subscriptions, namely FFL Film Plan and FFL Pro Accounts - were created with the intent of allowing FFL filmmakers to save money in the long run and submit for as low as 5 EUR / month.

"We are aware of how many filmmakers work with tight budgets and even a couple of bucks here and there are perceived as financial relief. Whether you call it submission service fee or commission rate hidden in the festival fee, filmmakers ultimately have to reserve part of their budget to submission platforms when planning their festival strategy. Therefore, here at FFL, we've worked on ways to offer filmmakers not only an excellent user experience, but also a transparent and convenient way of submitting their films.

"The green tick next to some festivals stands for our validation stamp. If the festival has a clear track record, industry relevance and they are transparent with all the relevant information, they’ll receive one. Those that receive the not validated stamp don’t fully fulfill all the conditions of our strict criteria but should still be allowed to open for submissions. Then there are those which we don’t list on the platform whatsoever, who are definitely not legitimate film festivals.You can read more about this topic on a FFL FB note. It’s a hot topic in the film festival environment, not enough discussed in the media: 

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