Accepted, but Poor Treatment

In full disclosure, I haven't yet attended this festival, but that's because I've already had a disappointing experience and haven't even stepped on the plane yet. My web series was supposedly chosen for the "Network Notes" category in which you are promised a meeting with an executive. I registered for it and was told I'd hear more about it in October (right before the event). When I didn't hear, I contacted them and was told, the day before I was leaving, that I didn't register properly because I didn't respond to messages that were never sent to me and that I would not be getting a meeting. I obviously already had paid for a plane ticket, a rental car, a hotel AND the badge to get in. None of these things are refundable to me and now I have to attend a festival with a bad taste in my mouth. I registered exactly as they requested but they are trying to make it sound like it was my fault. Furthermore, this festival is in the middle of Vermont, which means getting to it is both expensive and hard. Needless to say I am quite frustrated. After a couple emails, they say they are trying to get me a meeting, but it doesn't sound very promising. Not sure why you would treat your filmmakers this way? These are the people that create the content independently so that they have something to show or say they accepted! I can post an update after attending, but I'm guessing I will be enjoying the fall foliage more than the festival. Thumbs down!